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Youtube Annotations – Subscribe Now Button

Hey Everyone, I woke up this morning and someone had emailed me from the Request Tutorial page and asked how I do my “please subscribe” button on all of my videos. I really like answering questions like this so if you have any questions make sure to hit me up!

When viewing the video you want to ad annotations to, you will see a bar across the top of the page that has some administrative options that only you can see. One of them being Annotations. Click that to be taken to the annotations editor.

From there, you want to select on the timeline when you want your annotation to start, and click create new annotation on the top right hand side.

Fill in the information as you wish and then make sure to drag the annotation “ending” to the correct time as well and preview the video with the annotation.

For my “Please Subscribe!” annotation, I like it to run the entire duration of the video so I drag it to the start and to the finish of the video timeline.

You can ad as many annotations as you want, and stack them how ever you wish.

Once you’ve completed your annotations, hit save. Once they are saved, you will need to “publish” them before they are visible on the video page that your viewers will watch.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks for reading

peace out!