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Wishlist Memberlevel Display

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A plugin I created to easily display and hide content to specific user levels of your wishlist member website.

For example, if you want to display three different sets of content on the same page for the different levels you have set up, you can do so by using the short code

[memberdisplay level=”Pro”]This content will only show to Pro users[/memberdisplay]
[memberdisplay level=”Basic”]This content will only show to Basic users[/memberdisplay]
[memberdisplay level=”Boss”]This will only show up for BOSS’ ^_^[/memberdisplay]

Any content outside of the shortcode will display to all members, regardless of levels.

Only $15 for unlimited flexibility and control over who see’s what, right at your fingertips 😀

** $5 OFF Now Just $10 **