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How To Move WordPress – Database Changes

When you are moving your wordpress installation from one location to another, there are two critical changes you need to make in the database before your website will work properly again. (this wont fix all of your problems, but this is definitely the place where the majority of people get hung up when doing a site transfer by themselves. )

Lucky for you, We’re here today to show you just how easy it is to update the database with phpMyAdmin.

The table you want to edit is the _options table, and this will be prefixed with what ever you chose at installation. this by default is wp_options.

The two fields you’ll want to edit are the ‘home’ field and the ‘siteurl’ field. Once you’ve updated both of those, all your wordpress generated links will start using that instead of the old URL.

This is especially needed in order to log in to your wp-admin after the site move. 😉

Let us know if you have any questions,