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Fighting Comment Spam With Akismet

Spam is one of the nastiest things on the internet today, and when you are running your blog it’s a major pain in the ass to keep under control. You’re simply out numbered and fighting a losing war… Until now at least. Akismet is a plugin for wordpress (and much much more) that really puts you on the winning side of the war and leaves all those filthy spammers in the shadow of your website.

How it works is when someone (or something in most cases of spam) posts a comment to a post you made, it checks the content of their response to a database of “spam messages to look out for” and can determine wether or not a comment is spam, based on a few different factors like how many links are in the post, any kind of affiliate code etc…

Did I mention this awesome piece of technology is FREE!? You can pay for it, but they hate spam so much that if you can’t afford to they’ll still give you the product for free. These guys know how to make a better internet, and the net needs more companies like that. (thus why I’m making all these videos for free, too)

So in order to get this working on your website, you’ll just need to follow these simple steps

First, install and activate the plugin.
Second, get your Akismet API key
Third, Configure the plugin with your new key and pick the settings you’d like to run on your website
Fourth, SAVE!

That’s it. now watch the “spam” comments start collecting all on their own.

Feel free to use the extra time in your life how ever you’d like. No more endless hours of deleting spam comments.

Thank you, Akismet. <3 Please let us know if you have any other questions, Peace!