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Creating A WordPress Plugin Part 5: Submitting

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Now that we have the basic functionality and features of our plugin version 1.0, we want to go ahead and submit it to wordpress.org so that people can start downloading and using the plugin on their site!

When I released my first plugin, I did this part wrong and I never was approved, it wasn’t till I went back with my second plugin that I figured out how to do it correctly, so hopefully I can save you the hassle of trying to figure it out too (not that it’s hard, I just didn’t fully understand what wordpress.org was talking about! haha)

The first thing we need to do is zip up all of our files, and upload them to a server so that we can send a link to the plugin to wordpress.org and have them approve it (hopefully)

I packaged my boss_banner_ad folder containing all my files into boss_banner_ad.zip and uploaded it to my server at http://www.cssboss.com/boss_banner_ad.zip (just an example, not the real URL)

Now we need to go to wordpress.org and sign up, or sign in. After you’re logged in, you’ll navigate to the “Add New Plugin” page at

Fill out the plugin name, description, and the plugin URL needs to be a direct link to the download of your plugin. (this was the part that messed me up first, since I linked it to my post about the plugin, thinking they’d just click download… nope! Didn’t work out for me haha)

Click “Send Post” at the bottom.

This is the screen I am taken to :

Now you just have to wait for them to approve your plugin! Make sure to watch your email… From WordPress.org itself they say “Within some vaguely defined amount of time, your plugin will be manually reviewed. You may be emailed and asked to provide more information.”

I’ll see you when the plugin get’s approved!

Please Check Out The Other Parts Of This Tutorial : Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5