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Creating Filters In Gmail

Using filters is a great way to control how your email works. You can set up an unlimited amount of different filters and configure them allt o do certain things that you want. I personally use them to label all of my incoming emails so I can quickly and easily switch between the different sets of emails from individuals for different projects.

In the top right corner of your gmail, click the cog symbol and choose “settings”

Once you’re on the settings page, there is a tab called Filters. Click on that and find where it says “Create new Filter” at the bottom of the gray box (this might change as their design changes).

First thing you do is tell Gmail what you want to filter. Simply fill in the information that is needed into the box that pops up, and click “create a new filter based off this search”.

The last thing you need to do is tell Gmail what it needs to do with the emails that match the filter.

You can also choose to apply the filter to all previous conversations in Gmail that matched the search criteria from step 1.

That’s it!!!

Please let me know if you have any questions!!