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Setting Up Website Thumbnails In Coda

So I’ve been using Coda for over a year now and it just dawned on me today that my sites page, which displays all the different websites that I work with, is really confusing and unorganized and takes a lot of time for me to find what websites I want to work with. I realized that a large majority of my sites have no thumbnails, so I figured out what to set so that coda can generate the thumbnail, and it’s as easy as setting the remote url to the domain you want to work on.

From your sites panel :

click the little “i” icon next to your website name to bring up the information panel

Once your information panel is open, find the remote url

replace the “ROOT URL:” place holder http://domain.com with the URL of the website you are connecting to

Now that you’ve set the URL, click save and let Coda generate the thumbnail for it. I’ve set all of mine up that I can, and now it looks a LOT better. I can easily find my websites now since I can recognize the thumbnail a lot faster than I can read all the titles of the sites.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if this helped you!