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Cable Management For On-The-Go Freelance Developers

Today I want to talk about something other than web development and that would be cable management.

This is a very important part of a freelancer’s job, to make sure that our hardware is taken care of and protected. One of my biggest pet peves is when people don’t treat their cables well!

So, I’ve got this big roll of velcro and we are going to make a very cheap and effective cable management system.

For today’s example we will be using my MacBook Pro’s power cable.

First of all, let’s set up how we want our cable to be stored. We’ll start with the end of the cable that plugs into the wall and begin wrapping the cable up. Make sure that you wrap it in a way that you don’t mind doing every time since there is no reason to do this if you’re not going to develop a system.

Now that the cable is wrapped up how we want it, let’s measure the velcro out around the cable, nice and tight. I’m going to give the velcro about two inches of overlap. Let’s go ahead and cut this (not the power cable) the velcro.

Now we have a little peice of velcro and we’re going to put a little notch in the center of one of the ends. Please be careful! you can use a Exacto knife or scissors. I used scissors but I feel it would be a lot easier and accurate if I had an exacto knife.

Once you have a notch cut out, grab your male plug of the cable and wrap the velcro around the cable. Feed one end of the velcro strip through the notch that you cut and pull it tight. Fold down any left over velcro.

Now wrap your cable back up and wrap the velcro all the way around and back on top of itself.

Please let me know if this video has helped you in anyway or if it inspired you to make your own cable management system!

Have a great day!