Learn CSS in style


Welcome to CSSBoss, the best site for learning and mastering CSS and front-end web development as a whole.  

After learning html at 15, I have been obsessed with web development. Learning HTML came naturally to me, but I struggled a lot with understanding CSS. It took several months of unlearning everything I knew about building any website extremely fast with TABLES and to use some completely other language that seemed to take forever. 

After several failed attempts at switching, something finally clicked. I unlocked an entire new level of thinking it seemed. It became more about data being organized with HTML, and all styles are kept in CSS. 

I quickly found out that almost anyone is willing to hire someone who can fix their website for them. CSS was the biggest cause of problems, it always seemed people just weren’t happy with how the site looked. 

I also learned that people will pay you to teach them CSS! This was an entirely new challenge, after it took me so long just to figure things out I wasn’t really sure how to approach the subject. It was only when I considered the methods I learned from that helped me a long the ways. 

Free tutorials! I can’t count how many I’ve read, how many I’ve had shared with me, how many I’ve recommended to others. It’s pretty safe to bet that almost everything I know about CSS is the result of a google search.

With all the free resources I used to master CSS, I wanted to create the ultimate learning resource site for absolute beginners, and help them become the CSSBoss they know that they can be!

Now I have created the ultimate Intro To CSS course that allows you to skip over all of the “setup” process and dive right into learning CSS with live results.

I create video tutorials where I show real working examples of front end

development to build modern websites with advanced techniques. The videos are great to be watched, paused, rewound, rewatched, etc… as you progress through them at your own speed.

I hope they help, I hope you’re able to put these new skills to use, and I hope it improves your life and career.