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We’re Hiring!

Want to join a fast growing web design and development company based out of Kalamazoo, Mi with an amazing team of creative, hard working and amazingly talented individuals? Why not show us what you got!

All positions are salary and come with an amazing schedule (4 day work weeks yahoo!)

Open Positions:

Senior Graphics Designer – As a senior graphics designer you’ll be responsible for not only creating digital art for clients, but to act as quality management for the junior graphic designers below you to ensure the client is getting what they ask for.

Junior Graphics Designer – work closely with the senior graphics designer to distinguish what the client wants and to deliver.

Senior Developer – PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, WordPress, unix… does all this shit look familiar to you? then you’re prolly a dam good developer. As a senior developer you’ll be responsible for working with project managers and junior developers to achieve client goals by deadline. the senior throne surrounds you. (unfortunately senior thrones are same as junior thrones but it sounded cool)

Junior Developer – we’re looking for someone who is either just starting out or has been doing this for a couple of years. The only required knowledge is HTML and CSS but the more experience you have with javascript and php the better. especially wordpress 😉
System Administrators – when a server crashes, it’s not good enough to have someone who can just fix it. We’re looking for sysadmins who know how to prevent crashes and know how to run shit on a schedule, and keep things up to date.

Work speaks for itself. So please don’t send us a resume because we wont read it. 🙂


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