Spreecast Embed Shortcode

With this plugin, you can quickly embed your spreecast shows into your website, and easily select which size you want to display. large or medium.

Example :

[spreecast title=”example-of-spreecast” size=”large”]
Will embed a large display of the spreecast “example-of-spreecast”

[spreecast title=”example-of-spreecast” size=”medium”]
Will embed a medium display of the spreecast “example-of-spreecast”

You can find the title of your spreecast by visiting the page of the show on the spreecast website and grabbing the URL. For example : http://www.spreecast.com/events/sxsw-booth-tour

sxsw-booth-tour would be the title.

The embed below is genereated with
[spreecast title=”sxsw-booth-tour” size=”medium”]
[spreecast title=”sxsw-booth-tour” size=”medium”]