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Quick Introduction To Firebug

Firebug is such an awesome tool to use when designing and developing your website. It’s extremely powerful and can get pretty complicated pretty quickly, so



We created this single page archive to help people discover content easier for large WordPress blogs. We have lots of new features planned and


Optimizing Images On Your Website

So the time came for a reality check. I did a site speed test and learned that my home page was over 5MB in size!


How To Fix Unsecured Content Not Loading Issues

Hey everyone! I was just sitting here watching football when an email came in from one of my visitors telling me that my videos were

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Creating A WordPress Plugin Part 8 – Updating The Plugin Code

So in part 7 we updated the readme.txt to build our plugin page on and to give users some documentation on how to use

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Creating annotations in google analytics

Creating annotations inside the analytics is just as important as programmers commenting their code. It allows you to review the data years later and still

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Setting Up A New Google Analtyics Account

Getting your website up and running is a great accomplishment. However you’re not done once your website is finished! From here comes the updating and

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Setting Up Google Analytics With WordPress

Having google analytics installed on your wordpress website is pretty important for seeing how users find and navigate your website, and over all just seeing

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Fighting Comment Spam With Akismet

Spam is one of the nastiest things on the internet today, and when you are running your blog it’s a major pain in the ass

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Adding A Water Mark On Your videos

I use screen flow for recording and editing my videos, but this really should be about the same for most of the video editing softwares

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How To Make A Contact Form With WordPress

Creating a contact form is an essential part of every single website. Your viewers need a way to communicate with you, and with the contact

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Updating Domain Nameservers On

The only thing I use Godaddy for is to purchase domain names and then point them to my servers, but I’m working on completely removing

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Tracking Site Statistics With Jetpack For WordPress

It’s important to know whats going on with your website. What pages and posts are getting hit the most, whats doing the best etc. It’s

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Installing WordPress Plugins And How To Find Them

After you’re wordpress is all set up and you’re websites runnning… what happens when you want to ad a new feature? or want to change

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Enabling WordPress Debug Mode

Enabling wordpress debug mode is quick and simple, and extremely powerful when developing on wordpress. Open up the wp-config.php that is in the root directory

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Uploading Files In Filezilla

Uploading files in filezilla is just as straight forward as downloading files. You browse your computer on the left side of the screen and find